Day 1 – Introduction

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On the first night of training, at the Stanyan studio, we got to see the sizable interest in this program, with more than 30 people participating. This is a testament to the breadth and depth of Yoga Tree, as there are trainees from the East Bay, North Bay and Peninsula, as well as San Francisco. The age range is diverse as well, as one of the trainees is in high school. So, kudos to her for carving out the time to learn how to teach yoga, while being involved with academics, extra-curricular activities, and getting ready for college. This particular program is on the weekends – Friday nights and Saturday/Sunday afternoons – so it’s perfect for those in school and/or working.

Many of the trainees have practiced yoga at one or more of the Yoga Tree locations for quite some time. Others, like me, just moved to the area. What we all have in common is a desire to learn from the wisdom of all the teachers who will be guiding us through the program. And, it is a diverse group of teachers, all with their own areas of expertise, many of whom also teach their own workshops and classes in the community-at-large. This is a huge draw to the program – the guidance and accessibility of so many renowned yoga teachers.

The reasons various trainees gave for why they are participating in this program are manifold, and a lot of them are synergistic:

– to deepen our spiritual practice
– to deepen our physical yoga practice
– to help our children engage in yoga and physical activity
– to teach adults
– to teach children
– to teach cancer patients
– to play
– to recover from injury

It is great to be part of this yoga teacher training community — the teachers foster a sense of safety, nurturing and collaboration.

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