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This is one of the hardest ones to grapple with sometimes. It really requires accepting where you are, at this moment in time, as the perfect divine unfolding of your life journey. While your ego is constantly toggling between the past – which can lead to regret – and the future – which can lead to impatience – acceptance of wherever you are at this time can lead to a tremendous sense of presence and gratitude. If your life situation at this time is not positive, acceptance is still the first step, as it’s easier to change a situation once it’s been accepted.

David Riccho summed up acceptance so eloquently in his book, The Five Things We Cannot Change And the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them. Riccho says that we don’t just accept things because we have to, but through acceptance of what is – whether it is the desired outcome or not – we are actually participating in our own evolution. And this acceptance can lead us down a path that we might have otherwise neglected.

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